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The Wonders of Atmos

Welcome to the Teni. This is a land of a thousand sky islands called 'terra's, and each one of them is different. Some cold, some hot, some tropical island getaways, and some are even dedicated to theme parks! All under the protection of Sky Knights or the villainous Konomia.

NOTE: You don't need to know all of these terra's, neither are all of them going to be used. Some are meant for lore purposes, so don't worry too much about not knowing all of these. They'll be explored through game play and some (unlisted) terra's will be discovered through mod hosted events! So basically just pay attention to Tenia, Konomia, and your squadron's home terra (listed on this page) at the beginning of the game.

Terra Tenia

This beautiful terra is the base of all Sky Knight operations. In the center of the city is a vast library and court house filled to the brim with stories of all the Sky Knights, their triumphs, and their loss. Anyone who aspires to be someone great has come through these halls. All Sky Knight squadrons are registered in the main lobby area.

Terra Konomia

Beware this terra and the people it holds, for they will slit your throat and not think twice if they felt you were a threat. What makes this terra stand out is that it is foggy with sharp, rocky buildings jutting out of the clouds. They are all connected by bridges built of the same material the buildings are made of, and make the terra seem more like something out of a fantasy novel. In the center is the Konomi empire's crown jewel; a single tower where the ruler resides.

The Wastelands

Where Terra's are high in the sky, the Wastelands are low and filled with molten rock and lava. Inside the lava are dangerous creatures able to withstand the heat, and their jaws able to crush passing skimmers in a single swipe. When you're not battling those creatures, there are scorpions on the land-like parts that shoot heat out of their tail. Beware of all that is the Wastelands, and pray you never see the the day you're forced into it.

Terra Tasty
Everyone who loves sweets and goodies knows about this terra. It stands above any others for having the best sugary confections in all the Teni.

Terra Rex

This terra is vast with a dense forest, crystal clear lakes and an old city in the epicenter. So old, in fact, that they have a Colosseum still in use for Sky Knight duels and competitions. The Sky Knights of this terra are extra traditional and highly prideful.

Terra Merbia
Merbia is not exactly a fun place to be. It's wracked with natural disasters that could occur at any moment. These range from earthquakes to floods, volcanic activity, or even insect infestations. However, some people call it home. Those people are also extremely paranoid as well.

Terra Glockenchime

This terra is the most crucial of all the terra's, for it holds the Time Pulse, the central navigation system for every airship in the Atmos. Without the Time Pulse, incidents of ships crashing into each other would occur and all flight would be grounded for bigger ships, thus leaving only Skimmers to get from terra to terra. This is the reason for which Konomia has never made an attempt on Clockenchime. That aside, it is a small terra for which is basically a clock tower atop a mass of land, housing this navigational time pulse.

Terra Tundras

Nothing is extremely special or notable about this terra, other than its rich depositories of crystals. Two of three major crystal mines are found on this terra. Tundras is also controlled by the Konomians.

The Black Gorge

One of the most feared locations in all of the Atmos is The Black Gorge. Those who enter seldom come out of it, for it generates it's own energy field that drains all power from passing ships. If you should find yourself in this area, you will surely die. If not for the metal-eating vulka-bats, giant meat-eating plants, living tar, giant eels, or giant poison-toothed spiny gorge sloths, then starvation and dehydration will most certainly get you. Oh, or the Gorge Madness. But that's mostly a symptom of things trying to eat you. :)

Terra Bogaton

Bogaton is the most heavily protected terra in the Teni. It's next to impossible to infiltrate due to the abundance of motion detector air cannons. These cannons shoot lasers at passing ships and skimmers that fly just high enough to be caught by their detection. This terra is more rocky and sandy with an abundance of almost dry brush. On the edge is a large hive-like rock formation that houses the residents of this terra.

Terra Saharr

Dry and erred, this dessert-like terra is little more than a trading post terra. With few water resources, it's barely livable. Everyone comes to Saharr for rare and valuable items, but few live there. Saharr is also home of the bi-annual Teni Great Race Grand Prix. Be sure to sign up!!

Terra Tropica
A sunny island getaway, Tropica is home to surfers and beach enthusiasts. It's renowned for it's even weather and perfect waves. Not much more can be said about this terra, other than it's the best vacation spot in all the Teni.

Terra Deep

A mass of thick, dense clouds, Deep is filled with craggy rocks, impossibly deep caverns, and no solid ground to speak of. This terra doesn't show up on any current maps and houses a band of vicious sky Pirates called Murk Raiders. If caught by them your ship will most certainly fall victim to raiding, where the wreckage of your ship will be strewn about the landscape and you taken hostage for trade. Pray you never find the Deep, because between Murk Raiders and the dense clouds, the atmospheric pressure will increase as a ship descends until it is eventually crushed. Good luck, travelers!

Terra Amazonia

Lush with thick rainforests and rare wildlife, this terra is remote. Few ever travel to Amazonia, but those who do will find an interesting culture that seems almost barbaric and as wild as the animals it keeps. Something to note for this terra, is it's rumored that any tree cut down in Amazonia's rainforests typically grows back to full height after two months.

Terra Aquanos
As the name suggests, Aquanos is an almost completely aquatic terra. Those who set foot on this terra are bound to be amazed by the mix of oceanic culture and the locals ability to make any ship into a submersible. Under the surface is just as any ocean would look.

The Wayside

This terra isn't very big, but what it does house is landing ports and docks for all ships to make a pit stop in. However long you stay is up to you and your crew, but one thing is for sure; The Wayside has the best restaurant in all the Teni. It's sky chili is to die for!

Terra Neon

Did someone say fun?! Terra Neon is nothing but a carnival terra with seemingly limitless rides and games to be ridden and played. If neither of those are your thing, how about you take in a show? There are constant talent competitions, plays, and movies being housed in any of the theaters located on the terra. If nothing more, you'll definitely love the cotton candy and flamecorn (popcorn)!

The Great Expanse

Those who travel into this area are doomed. Between the Time Pulse being blocked, navigation by way of stars being impossible, and Sirens to contend with... it's very rare that people manage to make it out of The Great Expanse. Good luck travelers!

Skyside Shanty

Located near Aquanos, this is little more than a rundown shack of a building. It serves as the preferred watering hole for sky fishers that work the nearby cloud seas. Skyside Shanty is famous for their Skyfood combo (a giant platter of deep-fried everything) and Skyside Shanty's Signature Extra-Potent Quadruple Malt Vinegar. This vinegar is the only known thing that keeps the Leviathan nearby at bay, as the monster appears to have a distaste for the extremely potent vinegar. Also lurking around these parts are sky sharks. Beware of them, as they're particularly vicious. You don't want them in your ship trying to kill you!