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Game Information

The Ins and Outs of the Teni
Racism and religion has no place on these lands. Most terra's boast equality between sexes and races, while others simply just don't care. Everyone has their uses, and there is no place for something that causes more turmoil than Konomi. That doesn't mean these things never existed, but that now people have evolved into higher beings capable of extending a hand out toward each other without prompt, besides it being the proper thing to do. Or not. There's still free will in the rest of Teni!

Your Ticket to the Sky
Not everyone in this world is part of a Sky Knight squadron, but everyone can travel. These are just a few of the methods.

Carrier Ships
Generally, these ships are used as transportation from terra to terra, however they can also be used to transport cargo. Some Sky Knight squadrons even use them as their home base and live inside these carrier ships.


These short range transportation vehicles are equipped with retractable wings for easy flight. Most Skimmers have wings on either side in the shape of an X, but some of the older models have singular retractable wings. When not in flight, Skimmers look like heavily armored motorcycles, and drive along the terrain on two wheels.


Unlike the Heliscooter's counterpart, this vehicle stays in the same shape at all times. However, it's helicopter propellers retract into the rear of the vehicle when not in flight.

Beware the Ones in Red
The forces of evil are out there, lying in wait for the day when their plans come together. Here are your cast of bad guys, all controlled by the mod for plot purposes.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why the Konomi empire does evil things, other than each ruler grows up into being power hungry and vengeful. They are taught they can have everything they want if they reach out and take it by whatever means necessary. This leads to people being recruited because the leader of the Konomians, Miyagi Katsuro, promises them all they could ever want and more. Backing Katsuro up is his right hand, Kondo Reito. She's fierce and loyal to only Katsuro.

Murk Raiders
Who doesn't love a good pirate? Unfortunately these guys aren't the fun, beer swilling kind you can laugh and be merry with. They're ruthless cut throats that will seize your crew for sale to slave laborers, dismember your ship for parts, and leave what they don't need behind. Good guys, right? They're headed by Sugiyama Akira and his sister, Michiko.

Heroes to the Rescue
There are many threats to the peaceful existence of the Teni. Most being the forces of evil, however some squadrons are not as nice as others. Just a warning, to those out there. However, each Squadron protects a home terra. Below is the list of who gets what territory.



Travel between the terra's. They have no real home terra.


Saint Rudolph







Tools of the Trade
There are many weapons and tools in the Teni, but these are the most commonly used. Each are powered by your basic energy crystal, and using them on each other for evil is a big no-no between the squadrons.

Sky Foo
Only the most fearless of flyers practice this martial art. Why? Sky Foo requires that you jump around and dive into the air without much more than a parachute to save you in a jam. They bound from one skimmer to the next, twirling and free-falling while mid-fight. They're basically sky acrobats.

Energy Saber
Rather like a sword, this weapon has an opening on the end where crystals can be inserted to use as the power source. Depending on the crystals used this weapon can do many things, such as shooting energy pulses and cutting through rock.

Energy Crossbow
This weapon is bulky but effective for those with great aim. It's a metal crossbow with bolts that fire energy blasts at the target.

Bows are a classic weapon, and there is nothing structurally different about bows. They're the same as they were in the ancient times, however through the ages the arrows they fire are vastly different. These days crystals are on the edge of each arrow tip. Most arrows are tipped with a stun crystal that renders the target unable to move for periods of time.

Crystal Staff
A long staff with an opening at the end. This weapon is mostly used by grunts in the Konomian armies, however some crystal Mages prefer to use this instead, as it gives them much more freedom to wield the power of their crystals.

Energy Blades
Smaller, knife-like weapons that look more or less like a small Energy Saber. They work in much the same way, only they're easier to move around with. You also get to dual wield this way.

Knuckle Busters
Only those from Wallop can use this weapon. They're a set of gloves that are more like brass knuckles and are meant for protecting hands as much as they are to give extra power. When knocked together, they glow a bright green and enable the user to bust through solid chunks of walls, rock, and can even easily bend metal.

These are mainly used by carrier ships. Blaster cannons slide from the sides of the deck or hatches open for them to shoot from. They're much like canons from ancient times, only far more advanced as they shoot energy rather than cannon balls.

Roles for All
On every squadron there should be people who pull their weight. Each is usually assigned a duty upon entering a squadron, and more specifically if they live on a carrier ship.

The commander of a squadron is the Sky Knight of that squadron, and typically does the mission tactics unless they decide someone else is better at it. They give the orders and extra chores that need done. They're the people who you follow without question.

Crystal Mage
A person who is good with crystals isn't automatically considered a mage, just someone very smart. If they are harmonized with the crystals they are able to manipulate the various functions of a crystal and imbue their comrades with special abilities as long as the crystal mage is conscious. However, it is hard to become a crystal mage, as they have to go through something called "The Binding", or else they risk their life every time they use this ability. Crystal Mages will be mod approved to keep from an influx, since they're supposed to be rare.

Navigation Specialist
Someone who is good at reading maps and star charts is best suited to this position, otherwise your crew may end up lost.

Carrier Pilot
This is an almost tedious job, as much as it is treacherous. Terra's may spring up out of nowhere, sometimes even storms do too! A pilot must have good reaction time and a sharp eye for this stuff.

Weapon Specialist
This person's role in the squadron is simple: make sure weapons aren't malfunctioning. Sometimes, a particularly brilliant weapons enthusiast will make their own. They also keep track of the weapons on board as well as stockpile ammunition.

The Mechanic's job is to make sure skimmers, the ship, and everything else is in shape. If anything is off by a little, it could jeopardize someone on the team and make missions a failure. Or worse, kill their buddies.

Keep your fellows nourished! There's nothing worse than having to eat sky dogs and cloud shrimp on a constant from any one of the dinners on the Teni. And just imagine the chili!

The squadron is bound to become injured, it only makes sense to have someone knowledgeable in the medical field on the crew. Basic and or advanced first aid is a must! A doctorate is just extremely helpful.