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Rules & Necessities

These are your rules and generally things you'll need to know about the game. We reserve the right to add/subtract from these lists should the need arise, but players will always be notified if or when this happens.


• No one likes it and no one wants it unless it's IC for the lols.

• If you have a problem with anything in the game (be it with a plot, character, or player) we want you to be an adult about it. If you can't settle it on your own, your first thought should be bringing your concerns to a mod, not running to anoncomms to bitch about them. Problems don't get solved that way, and it only serves to make the environment you play in a toxic place to be in. We want this game to be fun for all and to accommodate as many as possible.

• No godmoding or powerplay. Don't know what those are? Basically don't force another person's character to do anything. You are not playing their character. You're playing yours.

• No infomodding or breaking the OOC/IC divide. What you know is not necessarily something your character will know unless they're told through IC means.

• No fourth wall breaking unless you have permission to do so from the person you're playing against.

• Adult content should be under a cut and community locked with content warnings.

• The use of NPCs will be employed in this game from time to time, but no player will be allowed to play one. Only mods can, and they're strictly for the use of pushing plots further. Nothing more.

• You may play up to SIX (6) characters. None of them are allowed to be from the same canon as someone you're already playing from, no matter how far removed they are from each other.

YES original characters are allowed! However, please write at least a little blurb about their personality and background in their journal. This is so it evens the playing field a little, since it's easy to wiki any other character.

YES CRAU's are allowed! But same as OC's, please at least write a little blurb about what they've gone through and how, if at all, this makes them a little different.

• You cannot play a character that is already in the game. If they're taken, then they're off limits.

Activity Checks
• The first week of every month will hold an activity check. Unless you're on hiatus, no one is exempt from this check. But fear not, this is just a check in to see if you're still around. No links or physical proof of any kind will be needed for this check in, just a quick sentence or two about anything they've done or participated in.

• When check-in's occur, you don't have to comment with each character you play. One comment with your name in the subject line will do.

Logs & Activity
• Your character will be given a tag when you respond to the taken list. Please use it when you're tagging out. This is more for you than it is for the mods, so that you can find the threads you're looking for a lot easier.

• When posting logs, please cut and rate everything. If its above pg-13 you're required to friend lock it.

Here's something helpful for the future. Just copy/paste this into the entry so that everyone knows the gist of what happened in the log.