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Crystals and You

Crystals play an important role in every day life on the Teni. They're fuel for carrier ships, skimmers, and even your weapons. They also cook your food, keep your heating/cooling running, and some will even save your life in a pinch!

Aurora Stone
This is a one of a kind crystal that protects Tenia from dangerous weather. However, it can also be harnessed as a powerful weapon in the wrong hands, since it's capable of doing devastating damage. Protect it at all costs!

Firebolt Crystal
Deep red in color, Firebolt crystals look more like a large precious gem than they do anything else. These crystals are also favored by the Konomians for their destructive power and ability to shoot beams rather like a laser at their targets.

Blocking Crystal
A crystal in several shades of green with a metal cross and shield symbol, this crystal is possibly the best in a jam. It has the ability to block another crystal's power and render it useless until the blocking crystal is deactivated or drained of its energy.

Chroma Crystal
Shaped like a black egg with sharper points and red accents, this crystal is very useful for infiltration. It's ability is to change the appearance of the user to a certain degree. Things like hair color, eye color, skin tone, and clothing are the only things affected by this crystal. It won't make you skinny or fat and neither will it change your voice.

Raw Crystals
These are unrefined crystals that have no attributes yet. They're light purple and spikey, growing in the shape of a thorny bush. Two of the largest mines for raw crystals are under Konomian power.

Engine Crystals
Possibly the most useful crystal on all the Teni. They power just about everything with an engine, such as skimmers, carrier ships, and generators, but not limited to those. Slightly wider than a tube and light blue in color, these crystals are almost jagged at the edges.

Velocity Crystal
Bright cyan in color, these crystals are a one use crystal that once activated cannot be stopped or slowed down in any way. They're good for a short burst of speed, and last only a handful of minutes. Once depleted of energy, they're useless and must be thrown out since they cannot be recharged.

Every year at the annual Great Race, a Velocity crystal amulet is given to the winner. It's a gold necklace with a Velocity crystal as it's center place.

Frost Crystal
Shaped like a short light blue polished knife, this crystal has the ability to create ice and snow. It's lower grade and not as powerful as a Blizzard crystal, but quite a bit more common than it's rare counterpart.

Leech Crystal
Known by the common name "Leechers", this crystal is not at all as fun as it's name sounds. Deep purple with flat, hexigonal surfaces, this crystal has the ability to suck the energy from all others, rendering them powerless. Once they've drained all power around them they explode. It's best to make sure none of these ever get on board your ship unless they're in a shielded container.

Paralyzer Crystals
Bright blue, these crystals look like nothing more than two small rocks stuck together. They have the ability to paralyze anything they touch for a short time.

Rainbow Smoke Crystal
Multi-color and in the shape of a small crown, these crystals are one use. To activate, toss them onto the grownd and run under the shield of rainbow colored smoke.

Cooking Crystal
Black and orange in color, these crystals look more like coal or hardened lava with cracks of molten underneath. They're common use on the Teni and produce sufficient heat to cook meals while 'roughing it'.

Geyser Crystal
Let there be water! This crystal has the uncanny ability to produce a geyser of water out of thin air. Very useful for drought seasons, creating lakes, or if trapped in the dessert. They're light blue in color and look like a hollow diamond with small spikes along the edges.

Nimbus Crystal
Tan in color with a swirl pattern, these crystals look like nothing special. However, they're handy for creating cloud cover to escape by, and act as silencers for skimmers on stealth missions.

Helix Crystal
This crystal holds unimaginable power and is commonly referred to as "Infinity Stone". Unfortunately it's a myth that they even exist, considering none have ever been found. However, it's speculated that they're amber in color and have the shape of the infinity symbol, hence the name "Infinity Stone".

Solaris Crystal
Gold in color and round in shape, this crystal has many uses. It harnesses the sun's energy and is able to recharge other crystals once depleted of their power. The best part is, they're also rechargeable as long as they are left in the sun to gather more energy.